SeekOut Robot – AI Driven Talent Search


SeekOut has always been a great and intuitive tool, and we’ve talked about it several times on this site. However, they are constantly improving and innovating. This time, we want to highlight their different AI features, including the new SeekOut Robot.

First, we’ll give a quick overview of the tool’s main functions. The main interface of the tool provides a few different search options. The first of these is the Public Profiles search.

  • The Public Profile search allows you to search through complete LinkedIn profiles according to your desired specifications.
  • In addition to standard search terms like location, title, and education, SeekOut provides a Power Filters tool. This allows you to choose detailed and industry-specific skills and titles from expansive lists.
  • A unique AI feature is built directly into this tool, called Position Magnet. This takes your search terms, makes a general profile that fits the bill, and finds people to match that profile.
  • There is also a unique research tool built into SeekOut, called Insights. People Insights takes your search terms—such as location, title, skills, etc—and provides you with a variety of research based on this. For example, if you search for all the software engineers at a certain company, it will provide research such as where they are mostly located, what their education is, and how many years of experience they have. This is the perfect tool for starting off your search process.

If all of this functionality was not enough, SeekOut actually has these same tools available for a wide variety of different social sites. Most prominently featured is GitHub. However, under the “Other Social Networks” tab you can find many, many more.

Another unique tool that SeekOut includes is the “Expert” tool. Both the Engineering Expert and Life Sciences Expert tabs allow you to search through sources that may otherwise remain untapped. For example, you can search through conference lineups, scientific journal authors, and more to find talent that may not be accessible via the usual social sites.

The next AI feature that SeekOut contains is used within its folder system. You can create and add to folders from most areas of the tool. Then, once you view a folder, a unique AI features help you to source more talent that is similar to the people you’ve already placed into the folder.

However, the AI does not stop there. The newest AI feature added to SeekOut is called SeekOut Robot. With this incredible tool, you can have AI begin to do some of your work for you! SeekOut Robot allows you to paste in a job description or relevant resume and then goes to work finding talent that matches your needs. This can be a great place to start any talent search and gets you heading in the right direction from the get-go.

With its extensive and inventive range of capabilities, SeekOut is really becoming a must-have in the recruiting process. ~ Noel Cocca


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