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I’m back………….

The last time I had the opportunity to speak with Recruiting Daily readers I asked what was so wrong with being called a recruiter. Since that post I have still seen many different titles for recruiters other then simply ‘recruiter’, but I will let that rant live another day. Today I have a new question for all the recruiters out there- why so many bad job write ups? I get the bait and switch that recruiters use to get candidates to reach out, but some of the recent job descriptions that I have seen and responded to are just flat out misleading. Where do you draw the line?

Just outside NYC‘……in Newberg? It appears someone was a bit off with their mileage scale.

Small city charm‘…..Not sure there is such a thing

Close to Metro‘……..Is what exactly? I learn the job is two hours from nearest metropolitan area.

Sportsman Paradise‘……One of my personal favorites. I am not not sure what this one even means, but I see it often tucked away with other catchy marketing terms.

Excellent location, Outstanding benefits package, Wonderful quality of life…………

It is as if all recruiters are given a marketing term 101 book the first day at their desk, and most never deviate from it.

As Joe Friday would ask – “Just the facts, ma’am”

That is all job seekers are looking for in a good job write up. Sure one or two catchy marketing terms is to be expected, but walking away with a true sense of what the position is calling for is ideal. Also a sense of what is being offered to obtain that talent. Is that too much to ask? You will get my call recruiter. Most savvy job seekers like myself know it is best at times to work with the recruiter to get in the door, but let’s at least try to offer better job write ups.

Yes- another rant, but I speak on behalf of the candidates out there that share the same sentiment. Take a moment when writing a job description to view it from the other side and ask yourself if there is enough ‘real’ information to elicit a ‘real’ response.

And if you are still struggling with what makes a good job order then maybe these links will help;

So have a few tips to share with other recruiting profesionals? Let’s hear some feedback RD readers and until next time- don’t forget that an indecisive candidate is a bad candidate. I should know.


Job Seeker Extraordinaire

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