The Recruiter’s Guide To Inbound Marketing

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You already know all about the intersection of recruiting and marketing. But leveraging marketing for maximum return on your recruiting results means going beyond just building an employer brand. It means making that brand  and the story behind it compelling.

When warm leads are coming directly to you, there’s no such thing as a cold call. With inbound marketing, you can stop looking for leads and start building relationships.  This helps make better hires cheaper and faster than ever before.

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This webinar will show you what inbound marketing is and how to incorporate it into your recruitment marketing mix.

You’ll learn:

  • What Is Inbound Marketing and why recruiters should care
  • The 4 Stages  and how it fits in with your hiring process and recruiting strategy
  • The Best Content for converting passive visitors into candidates
  • The Best Traffic Sources for generating qualified candidates
  • The Buyer’s Journey and the psychology of candidates during the inbound marketing process
  • Measuring Success through building benchmarks, meaningful metrics and actionable stats – and how these numbers add up for recruiters.
  • Specific Campaign Examples from some early adopters already getting inbound marketing right in recruiting and talent acquisition


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