PerformancePAM Talent Management Introduces Enhanced Goals in Version 7.5 »

Deland, FL (PRWEB) November 07, 2011 PerformancePAM, a leading provider of talent management software, is announcing the release of version 7.5. With this version comes new functionality including advanced goal management, appointment setting, and visual analytics. Advanced goal management allows companies to set goals at the organizational level and distribute them to departmental and employee levels, resulting in a workforce focused on achieving common corporate success. Performance related appointments can be set within PerformancePAM so opportunities to review employee progress are never missed. These appointments can easily be saved in vCal format for use in your favorite calendar, like Outlook. Visual analytics display a graphical representation of where employees’ appraisals sit in the organization as well as how employees score on competencies individually, as an organization, and more.

“In PerformancePAM version 7.5, we have introduced new functionality that places new employee management tools at a manager’s disposal,” says Elizabeth Berlin, Director of Business Development for PerformancePAM. “Greater flexibility with goal setting gives companies the ability to have employees at all levels actively contribute to the highest company ideals.”

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