PAS Network AI tool makes sourcing research easy


PAS Network is a site that allows you to search by job title and discover a great deal of valuable information. It provides research about the most common skills, education, and experience for people with each job title. This can be particularly useful in your talent search by helping you determine the best keywords to use, what skills your candidates should be expected to have, and more.

When you log in to PAS Network, you are prompted to enter a job title.

  • The tool asks whether you would like to view your results in a visual or textual format. You can decide which is the best fit based on which you find most helpful, or what you are planning on doing with the information.
  • The information is then broken into categories such as educational background, experience, skills, and retention period.
  • For the visual option, this information comes in the form of easy to read graphs. The information is displayed based on percentages of people with your search job title that have a certain degree, or know a certain skill.
  • For the textual option, you are given the same information written out instead of displayed in graphs.
  • Additionally, the tool provides recommended searches, allowing you to move from one job title to the next seamlessly.

PAS Network uses an AI tool that is built to understand job profiles and careers, allowing it to do a lot of the heavy lifting for you.

The depth of the information provided and the user-friendly options for how it is displayed make PAS Network the perfect place to start your research.  ~ Noel Cocca


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