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VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Jan. 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — With the launch of their new business intelligence dashboards slated for release in early February, MaxHire front-office software will become the very first recruiting software to have full enterprise business intelligence built right in.

“The addition of dashboards in MaxHire is extremely powerful and we’re proud to be the first recruiting software company to offer business intelligence integrated into our product,” commented MaxHire CEO, Peter Blitz.

MaxHire surveyed the current recruiting software market and found that there was a lack of solutions that had integrated business intelligence reports. The addition of dashboards in MaxHire will provide team leaders and business owners with insight into how their teams are performing, identify any problems early on and help them to more effectively manage staff and run their recruiting business.

The MaxHire dashboards have been built on Tableau Software technology and the interactive reports display information in real-time so there’s no lag in displaying statistics and no need to refresh the reports. The new business intelligence feature will be included in MaxHire at no extra charge and existing customers will receive a free upgrade that includes the new dashboard technology. Clients will receive a number of pre-built dashboards that they can access in their implementation of MaxHire and can customize the reports. Recruiting firms also have the option to create their own dashboards and reports if they purchase Tableau Desktop and are allowed to use 3rd party development tools to do so.

MaxHire has a history of being a leader in the recruiting software sector by leveraging new technologies to provide staffing firms with all the tools they need to get more jobs, find more candidates and make more placements. The new integrated dashboards that MaxHire is releasing in February speaks to that goal by providing in-depth business intelligence insight into how individual recruiters, teams and the company as a whole is performing so that owners and managers can make more informed business decisions.

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