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Hazlet, N.J. (PRWEB) February 21, 2012 iCIMS, a leading provider of Software-as-a-Service talent acquisition software for growing businesses, announced today that the latest version of the platform – 11.3 – is now available. The iCIMS “Core Release” boasts a strengthened, faster foundation complemented by scalable social media features ensuring clients are up to date with current recruitment marketing trends.

The 11.3 Core Release is the third of three themed releases iCIMS developed in 2011. By segmenting the releases into three themes, iCIMS is able to create a series of refined strategic enhancements, providing a user-friendly Talent Platform suitable to each industry represented in its rapidly growing client base.

Focused on the tenants of speed, ease of use, and flexibility, iCIMS dedicated the Core Release to improving search, security, and performance processes, as well as providing further scalability for each company’s diverse needs. One of the most anticipated features included in the upgrade is iCIMS’ new System Configuration functionality. Empowering users of the platform to make on-demand changes on their own, the System Configuration features allow administrators to configure the platform based on their organizations’ unique workflows and hiring preferences.

The 11.3 release also advances iCIMS’ innovations in the evolving world of social recruitment. New features like Social Resume allow recruiters to access real-time views of candidates’ social media profiles, to highlight current achievements and experience, while 11.3’s Social Apply functionality allows candidates to expedite the application process by pulling relevant information from their current Facebook or LinkedIn profile into the fields of their job application. When paired with iCIMS’ Recruitment Marketing Solution, clients can easily post jobs to social media outlets with minimal effort and enhance their employment branding, ultimately attracting more top talent to their organizations.

“The 11.3 Core Release not only improves the core of the iCIMS Talent Platform, but also provides a solid foundation to constantly adapt and evolve with the explosive social media market,” said Paul Melici, iCIMS Chief Technology Officer. “We are anticipating that this release will enable our clients to attract and monitor more candidates and in real-time.”

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