To provide you with the most effective employer branding initiatives, we’ve gathered insights from professionals, including employer branding partners, CEOs and founders. From taking the “Teams Way” approach to implementing virtual mentorship for professional development, these leaders share the successful initiatives they’ve implemented at their companies. Dive in to discover strategies that could transform your company’s employer branding.

Take the “Teams Way” Approach

Four years ago, together with NFQ Technologies, we started a recruitment marketing campaign called “Teams Way.” We all know that people want to join people. Each of us is special, thus together with our colleagues, we create unique teams. So at NFQ, we branded most of the tech teams and put them into the spotlight of social media for a couple of weeks by presenting them from different angles and topics.

First of all, “Teams Way” aimed to engage an internal audience by having entertaining outdoor workshops and photoshoots, each team member voting for their team logo, etc. And secondly, it was an incredibly valuable tool for the recruitment team to receive more applications from talented tech people and to increase head-hunting campaigns’ success rate. I think that the key strength of the campaign was its continuity; it lasted for three years or longer.

Jurgita Juškienė
Employer Branding Partner

Try the “Great Place to Work” Initiative

During and post the Covid pandemic and the Great Resignation, we were losing employees at a high of about 52% at one point, employee morale was low, so we needed to not only turn around the culture but figure out a way to recruit employees.

I implemented a Great Place to Work initiative (at every company I worked at) to transform the organization and focused on winning the Great Place to Work Certification/Award, which lists the company as the Best 100 Companies to Work.  Within six months, we went from a 46% approval rate to 85% within 6 months, won the Certification Award and reduced turnover from 52% to 18%.

It improved our recruiting power, morale, employee satisfaction and engagement and diverse hires including two top women C-roles.  By achieving this Award/Certification, we were able to show, externally and internally, that we are a Great Place to Work which everyone wants to work for.  The better your hires, the better your products and service and improved revenue in the end.

Kay Ozaki
HR Executive

Integrate Core Values into Operations

One of the most successful employer branding initiatives of our digital marketing agency is the truthful integration of our core values in operations.

And our top company core value would be GRATITUDE. It is embedded in our way of work and living. When you put the words up on your wall, it is motivating, but when the practice reaches the entire depth and breadth of the organization, it becomes transformative.

In our case, we do not just feel grateful when we receive a favor. We have honestly been shown to walk in gratitude so in every moment in each opportunity, we breathe with thanks.

Tristan Harris
Demand Generation Senior Marketing Manager, Thrive Digital Marketing Agency

Spotlight Excellence with an “Author of the Month” Program

One successful employer branding initiative at Authors On Mission is our “Author of the Month” program. Every month, we spotlight one team member who has gone above and beyond in helping our clients tell their stories. We showcase their work on our social media platforms, company website and internal newsletter.

This not only recognizes and appreciates their hard work but also reinforces our company culture of excellence and collaboration. The initiative has significantly enhanced our employer branding, increasing team morale, fostering a culture of recognition and attracting talented professionals who align with our mission.

Vikrant Shaurya
CEO, Authors On Mission

Enhance Employees’ Personal Brands for Growth

Our employer brand strategy is uniquely focused on enhancing our employees’ personal brands. We assist in optimizing their online profiles, encouraging them to write expert blogs and facilitating interviews with top publications.

This strengthens their professional growth while promoting our organizational visibility. Boosting employees’ confidence, these efforts help to attract potential talent by showcasing our culture, values and the caliber of professionals we nurture.

Steve Dinelli

Highlight Career Growth Opportunities through Media

An organization can effectively highlight career growth opportunities through mediums such as videos, blog posts and interviews.

At Vantage Circle, we showcase employee testimonials and experiences on social platforms and media publications. Employee testimonials in the form of video representation not only build trust, giving potential candidates insights into employee experiences but also capture emotions and provide a visual representation of the work environment. Similarly, blog posts offer detailed accounts of individual journeys, reflecting the company’s support for development. Interviews, in written or video format, provide an interactive and personal touch.

By leveraging these mediums, Vantage Circle humanizes the organization, demonstrates employee satisfaction and attracts top talent seeking a positive work environment. Vantage Circle maintains a transparent sharing of employee feedback through its employee survey platform as well.

Anjan Pathak
CTO and Co-Founder, Vantage Circle

Foster Employee Advocacy for Brand Impact

As a CEO, one successful employer branding initiative we have implemented at our company is creating a strong employee advocacy program. We recognize that our employees are our best brand ambassadors and their positive experiences can significantly impact our employer brand.

To foster employee advocacy, we have developed a comprehensive program that encourages employees to share their experiences, achievements and insights about working at our company on various platforms, including social media and industry events. We provide training and resources to help them effectively communicate our company’s values, culture and opportunities for professional growth.

Additionally, we celebrate and recognize employee achievements through internal communication channels and external recognition programs.

Sai Blackbyrn
CEO, Coach Foundation

Implement Virtual Mentorship for Professional Development

One successful employer branding initiative we’ve implemented involves our Virtual Mentorship Program. It’s designed to offer our team members an array of learning opportunities, professional development resources and growth pathways—all while working from the comfort of their own homes!

Loren Howard
Founder, Prime Plus Mortgages

Empower Brand Ambassadors for Enhanced Engagement

One of the most successful employer branding initiatives we have implemented at our company is in the area of employee engagement. Here, being a high-level executive, I speak about potential employees, and empower them as Brand Ambassadors.

We love that we’re able to speak to potential hires about their career path and the opportunities available at our company—and then work with them to make sure that they’re excited about those opportunities. Brand ambassadors are empowered to share their experiences with others, both inside our company and out.

We believe that this approach makes it easy for everyone involved: potential hires know exactly where they fit into our organization, current employees feel like they have more ownership over their work, and customers get an inside look at how great our employee culture is!

Ilan Nass
Chief Revenue Officer, Taktical

Promote Values through Appreciation Week 

One unique way to promote the company’s culture and values among employees was the introduction of celebrating appreciation week. During this, we distributed special appreciation cards that highlighted our organizational values. Employees were encouraged to identify and present these cards to their colleagues who exemplified a particular value in their daily job activities. This initiative not only increased awareness of our desired values among employees but also recognized and celebrated their embodiment of these values.

By implementing this, we fostered a positive work environment, enhanced employee engagement and cultivated a stronger sense of purpose and belonging. Additionally, we utilized other employer branding techniques, such as encouraging employees to wear company logo shirts during engagement activities both inside and outside the company and providing branded stationery and bags.

Divvya Desai
HR, Naman HR