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HOLA CONNECT Chrome Extension

The HOLA Connect Chrome extension allows you to find contact information for free. In the video, the HOLA Connect Chrome extension is downloaded quickly and easily, and pulled up in a drop down box from the browser in the top right hand side of the page. You are then taken through a very quick process where you access LinkedIn. Once the contact comes up, profile information pops up in the HOLA Connect box at the top right hand side of the page. This tool has been out for a very short time and the site promises that it is completely free (for life). It works with sites other than LinkedIn. It is quick, simple and easy. “No fuse, no muse” as Dean says.

Inside look with Dean Da Costa:


Search email, phone, and social at HOLAConnect.com


HOLA Connect the website allows you to access people’s e-mail addresses, phone numbers and social media profiles. You can search by location, designation or company.  In this video we start with entering the name of a company, this time Amazon. A long list of Amazon employees appears and you can further refine it by doing an advanced search for a location and then job title. The video search goes to Seattle where a host of names pop up, not all employees from Amazon, so Dean takes you back to the top to find the employees of the original Amazon search. You can view the contact’s profile and get their information. HOLA allows you to access 50 contacts a month for free, but Dean, suggests just scraping the information and using any other tool so you don’t use your 50 free all at once. You can also access the CSV for each contact and then download all the contacts by going to the dropdown at the top right of the page as illustrated in the video.

Inside look with Dean Da Costa: