I’m a sourcer and a researcher. The key for me is to be presented with information in a clear concise manner. I look for resources that give me additional informantion based on its ability to understand what I might be searching for. What I have is keywords, but a good semantic search engine will imply more than keywords. It’s important for recruiting.

A while back I wrote about Hakia, a search engine I use as a compliment to the big 3 for semantic search for recruiting. Well, I still use it today and in a recent training I had the opportunity to demo some fun things with the search engine. It’s really a nice alternative and in most cases the results are better streamlined.

This past year Hakia went through a refresh changing its interface but more importantly the search capabilities and the way the results are presented. I really like the fact that you are searching in a true semantic fashion through Qdexing (coined by Hakia). I’ve been following them for a bit and studying their approach.

I just not too sure about the claim that they are searching sites recommended by Librarians. Seems a bit weird.

What is Qdexing? (Summarized from there site)

QDEX was created by Hakia and essentially analyzes the content on a given page. The algorithm extracts all possible queries from the page from which the search begins. These queries are used to navigate into all possible results structuring real sentences and meaningful results. All of this is completed prior to your search on the backend.

If you have not already, I recommend trying Hakia.

Here is a very lame video from Hakia that made me take a nap with no audio but I wanted to share it with you.


It’s important to understand semantic search for recruiting whether you are a recruiter or sourcing / researching expert. I’m always on the lookout for great semantic search tools and other useful search engines for recruiting. Do you have any favorite search engine tools for semantic search or just for regular recruiting or sourcing?

By Noel Cocca

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