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If you’re one of those billion or so people who thinks that Google “knows” what you’re searching for, this may be of interest to you.  Let’s take a search such… Read more

This past year Hakia went through a refresh changing its interface but more importantly the search capabilities and the way the results are presented. I really like the fact that you are searching in a true semantic fashion through Qdexing (coined by Hakia).

General semantic search engines have a really hard task: making sense of very broad and very large sets of data. Many of the general semantic engines are subject for research papers and conference talks; few general semantic engines are of practical use to sourcers for now.

Internet search enthusiasts are craving new opportunities to delve deeper into the world of search. I recently spoke with Gary Clarke of Wolfram Alpha to learn about the new Alpha search engine that claims to have changed search forever. Take a read on True Semantic/Natural Language search.

There are thousands of ways to search for information online. But how can you be sure you are getting the best return on your search? Does your engines simply crawl or spider? I received this question that I thought was great and wanted to share my thoughts on Semantic Search and my Top 3 search engines.

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