Custom Search Engine via Dean Da Costa to find phone numbers


Genealogic is a site that stores information—mostly addresses and phones numbers—for a massive quantity of people globally. However, navigating the site itself is a bit difficult, and can take much longer than it should. From the site itself, you have to search through individual locations, and oftentimes the searches come up empty.

However, Dean Da Costa has created a Custom Search Engine for Genealogic that makes searching through this site much easier. This is a fairly simple tool—just an X-ray search of the Genealogic site—but it can save you a lot of time in the search process.

  • Using the Custom Search Engine, simply enter the last name of the person you wish to search for.
  • Choose the search result that seems closest to your goal; even if the exact match does not appear, you can still easily navigate from a name that is similar.
  • Once on the site, check if your desired person is displayed. If not, scroll to the bottom and try choosing a name or location that may help narrow it down.
  • Once you locate the correct person within Genealogic, you will see the person’s address and phone number!

Though beginning your search directly within Genealogic may allow you to find the correct contact, using the Custom Search Engine can streamline the process and provide more accurate results.

Genealogic contains a lot of valuable information, and this Custom Search Engine is ready for you to use. ~ Noel Cocca


Look inside with Dean Da Costa: