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People Maven helps you view lists of top potential candidates


People Maven is a website that contains a variety of top talent lists, in a variety of industries and locations. These lists are created and added to by users like you. This means that there are lists for almost any search you may need, and if there is not, you can create it.

When you first open the site, it brings you to the featured lists. However, the tool becomes most useful when you search for your specific needs.

  • You can use the search feature to look for top talent with certain traits. You can put a job title, location, school, or even company into the search, and People Maven will provide you with lists matching your categories.
  • You can also search by category, choosing “Tech” or “Business,” for example, and look through popular lists in those industries.
  • Once in a list, you can click on each person in the list to find out more information. The site provides a brief description of the person, as well as a link to another site. This is most often LinkedIn, but can vary; for more famous people, for example, it may provide a link to Wikipedia.

People Maven also displays other lists viewed by similar people, quickly allowing you to search through more talent pools without completing an entirely new search. A Chrome Extension for People Maven also allows users to easily add potential talent to People Maven directly from other sites, like LinkedIn.

The lists on People Maven range from broad to extremely specific, making it a great fit for a wide variety of talent searches. Overall, it is a simple and easy tool and a great addition to the talent search process. ~Noel Cocca


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