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If you are sourcing for professionals who provide services such as Accounting, or looking for office locations for a specific company, searching on Google Maps will provide valuable information. Scraping a Maps search results page allows you to filter and enrich the data, and you can do it quite simply, with no coding involved.

PhantomBuster is a wonderful collection of automation scripts; they recently released a Google Maps Search Export. However, my preference for scraping Maps is a favorite tool Instant Data Scraper because it goes over all the results vs. partial. (There are also many specialized map scraping tools but I don’t think anything more complex is more beneficial).

Let’s look at an example. I have searched for accountant near manhattan and ran the Instant Scraper:


bgoogle scraper


Within seconds, I got this table with 309 rows, type of business, whether it is a Certified Public Accountant, office addresses, websites, ratings, and numbers of ratings submitted:


google scrape


Where else would you find a list of CPAs in Manhattan this fast?


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Irina Shamaeva

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