Friday at last and a great week of conversation regarding the state of recruiting. The post on Human Touch really sparked some great conversation and I wanted to share a few more thoughts from some of our readers;

Oh absolutely, it’s lost human touch. It has shifted to initial technical screener tools to weed out candidates. Today you have to know how to DO the work but also be RECOGNIZED/STAND OUT in keyword/resume sourcing software. – @PushJobs via Twitter

I can hardly wait to see the computer application, program or gadget that can eliminate a candidate’s trepidation prior to their first interview, discuss the pro’s and con’s of particular candidates with a hiring manager and ultimately offer the emotional congratulations when it all comes together and an employee accepts the offer and starts their new job knowing they made the right decision. Oh wait, until that happens I have another candidate to coach and an employer to engage. – Jodi via

Tech gives us broader reach, but less personal interaction, initially. After that, however, it’s all about the human touch. – @MatrixccInc via Twitter

What’s funny is how so many HR and recruiters got into the profession because they liked to “work with people” and then either get buried in paperwork or hide behind their technology barriers (like voice mail and the ATS, which from candidate POV is a resume sucking “black hole”). I think social media is actually helping make more meaningful connections – and the idea of hiring “best fit” for company culture over “best qualified” skill sets. There’s a lot of buzz about “emotional intelligence” but frankly I think it comes down to common sense, courtesy, respect and the human touch. – Sylvia Dahlby via

That was just  great sample of some of the discussion the topic generated. Thanks to everyone that jumped into the mix and shared their thoughts on the role of us humans in today’s recruiting world.

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