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RecruitingLive with Torin Ellis


Rip the Resume: Job Search & Interview Power Prep If you’re a recruiter and haven’t heard of Torin Ellis then do me a favor – register for this week’s RecruitingLive… Read more

Diversity hiring is an important and often misunderstood topic. There are countless opinions on what optimal diversity hiring programs look like, what their outcomes should be, and how organizations should… Read more

I was recently at Talent 42 up in Seattle.  It’s a small conference for tech recruiters and sourcers and it is packed full of information; it never disappoints. Read More

Last week was kinda a blur for me. Which usually isn’t a good thing. But last week it was because we hosted a talent acquisition un-conference (more on that in… Read more

Diversity, diversity, diversity (sing it like Kendrick Lamar and it doesn’t sound like you’re repeating the riff of a huge topic of the modern talent acquisition ecosystem).  2017 was the… Read more

As Jim Nantz might open things up: “Hello, friends.” Last Thursday (Feb. 8), we had our first #HRTX 2018 event of the year in Arlington, VA at the home of Brazen,… Read more

I cringe at the notion that diversity is an economic driver, or that in order to grow a successful company you must hire diverse candidates. Hiring a diverse candidate is… Read more

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