Write Good Job DescriptionsVisualize your current job postings for a second. Are they long text documents with 20 or 30 beneficial traits or skills you want in a candidate? A few paragraphs, a few sets of bullet points, some required EEOC language? Do they look and sound like every other job posting out there?

Bring your Job Post to Life: Write Good Job Descriptions

Ugh! We can do better! It is time to write better job descriptions. In this video, Abby Cheesman from Skill Scout shares 3 practical tips on how you can bring your job post to life. The results? You’ll attract candidates who are more informed about your job and a better fit.

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About The Author

Write Better Job DescriptionsAbby’s childhood curiosity about what people do at work led to an education in I/O Psychology. Working as a design researcher left her itching to bring innovation to hiring.  She’s thrilled to disrupt hiring as we know it by being more transparent about jobs and candidates’ talents.  As resident data geek, Abby leads recruiting, analytics and operations but her favorite part of Skill Scout is helping companies find and see talent in new ways. You can find her on LinkedIn and Twitter.