Top 3 recruiting ToolsWhen I started my recruiting career, I was bombarded with recommendations for the “must-have” tools I needed to excel in this field. Even now, I receive messages almost daily asking if I’m interested in a new tool to add to my recruitment strategy. Don’t get me wrong. I love me a shiny new object. However, when it boils down to trench recruiting, I find myself relying on what some describe as ‘old school’ recruiting tools.

  1. Networking

When I say networking, I don’t mean 5-minute monologues where I’m selling my company or a job but rather conversations that provide personal value. On Twitter chats, Facebook groups and Instagram, I give my thoughts on job seeking and personal branding. Why? It helps to build relationships and create opportunities to move those conversations offline to turn a follower into a candidate. At face-to-face events, I’m not talking constantly. I’m listening to the needs of those around me (and rarely mention open positions).

  1. Applicant Tracking System

Yes, the tool that asks applicants to upload their resume and then re-enter the information anyway. When I receive new requisitions, this is the first tool I begin mining for potential candidates. It is a resource for individuals who are/were interested in a position or your company. These people are already sold on a position or brand, and that warm lead makes my role a little easier.

  1. maxresdefault (5)The Phone

The small rectangle that we have become addicted to does more than take selfies (although in truth, that fact is not reflected in my Instagram feed). When I’m sourcing candidates, cold-calling (or warm conversation) consistently recruits my top performing employees. I’ll be honest – it’s intimidating and took me a full year to be comfortable with it but, it is still relevant in my recruitment strategy.

I know, no ah-ha moments. No brand new tools. That’s because people who are new to recruiting don’t need fancy tools and big budgets to be successful. Look at the OG recruiters. They did it without our modern technology. They just had the four P’s…pen, paper, phone and of course, personality.

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Jose watsonJose Watson is a market recruiter with Lowe’s Home Improvement and supports full cycle recruiting by working with HR Managers to develop the market recruiting strategy (internal and external).
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