Recruiting Daily’s popular ‘Tips From A Biller” feature is back with another installment. Each month RD sits down with some of the most influential recruiters and recruiting managers in the business and learn a bit about their keys to achieving success.

We once again move away from the IT sector and back to Healthcare as RD had the chance to speak with Katie Cole- President of Harlequin Recruiting.

Harlequin Recruiting is located in Denver, Colorado and is a permanent physician search firm with a national presence. They work with a number of medical specialties and offer personalized, comprehensive recruitment services for physicians and healthcare facilities. Katie Cole is also a moderator of the popular Physician Recruiters Network group on LinkedIn.

RD: Thanks Katie for taking some time to speak with Recruiting Daily- can you share with our readers a bit about your recruiting background?

Cole: I trained with Adecco as a permanent placement recruiter, spent 3 years recruiting mortgage and opened my own firm, after the fall out of the market began physician recruiting in 2007.

RD: And look how quick your firm has grown. What would you say is the best advice you ever received from a fellow recruiter?

Cole: Not to make knee-jerk reactions to problems.

RD: Simple- yet so important when running your desk. Speaking of desks, what is your most rewarding experience in running a desk?

Cole: At Adecco I billed out $78k in my 6th month, which was a company record for any permanent placement recruiter.

RD: That is quite the achievement for a new recruiter. Having said that- is there any tip or advice you could share with recruiters out there?

Cole: Not to follow each deal obsessively- do the best job you can on each placement, but don’t get emotional about the ups and downs of the job.

RD: That is some excellent advice as we all can relate to the ups and downs in working with people. Lastly, if not recruiting- you would rather be?

Cole: Who knows, it changes daily!  Writing maybe, sales of some sort.

Well whatever it might be tomorrow I am sure you will still find success. Thank you for the time Katie and for sharing some insights with our readers. We wish you continued success with Harlequin.

To learn more about Harlequin Recruiting you can click here.

Katie Cole on LinkedIn

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