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Engagement: If you want a candidate to take a next step, you’ve got to initiate the first one.

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HiringLight a Fire Under your Hiring Managers with Newton

Newton just launched interview scorecards that allow companies to decide who is making the best hires. Co-founder Joel Passen said:

Building better teams starts with selecting the right people. Our Interview Scorecard functionality is way ahead of the what’s already on the market, and we’ve just gotten started.

Newton now can keep track of individual raters’ average interview scores. By capturing the numeric trend of an interviewer, you get a view of how accurate a hirer is on identifying great hires. Essentially, Newton creates a win rate or “batting average” for a person’s hiring record, showing who is most prone to making the best hiring decisions, in addition to uncovering opportunities for training and development.

Some additional benefits of Interview Scorecards include:

  • Improve the subjectivity and fairness of interviews (removing common biases)
  • Enhance interview preparation process
  • Engage teams to collaborate more effectively
  • Accelerate time to fill positions by driving better hiring decisions

I guess we will have to see. Click here to read more.

So much of the tools we see launched offer little to no help for agency recruiters. Add turnaround around that occurs for agency recruiters, it can be tough to personalize all of that. Built from the ground up to be open, extensible, and mobile, the Novo Experience fundamentally enhances the way customers work with the Bullhorn platform and radically improves the way recruiters interact with candidates. It adapts to the way users want to work – regardless of role, geography, language, or device – and enables them to work more effectively by eliminating redundancies and inefficiencies in their business processes. Read more about it by clicking here.



HiringJaguar Land Rover Uses Gorillaz App to Recruit Coders

Ok – We all know that it is hard to find tech talent. But this knocked me off of my feet. I had no idea that Gorillaz was a virtual band to start off with. Also while I knew that

Hoping to attract more talented coders to the auto industry, Jaguar Land Rover is adding code breaking puzzles to the app of the virtual band Gorillaz.

Want to work as a coder for Jaguar Land Rover? Better brush up on your puzzle-solving skills.The automaker on Monday became the latest big company to recruit software engineers with game-based puzzles, unveiling an augmented reality smartphone app in partnership with the virtual band Gorillaz. The company said that prospective applicants who are able to solve the game’s puzzles will be “fast-tracked” through the recruitment process. Jaguar Land Rover is looking to hire 5,000 people this year, including more than 1,000 electronic and software engineers. It also has a marketing relationship with Gorillaz, a virtual band created in 1998 that consists of four animated members: Gorillaz guitarist Noodle is Jaguar’s Formula E race team mascot. Click the title to read more.

LinkedIn Wants You to Know Who’s (job) Searching For Youhiring

LinkedIn thinks its new search features could help its half-billion members simplify that arduous process. The professional network on Wednesday launched a Search Appearances feature on members’ profile page, for both mobile and desktop versions, to find out how many times they’ve been discovered.Members can also see specifically which companies are interested in them as a way to gauge job opportunities on the market. They can click on the job openings at each company, as well as track down hiring managers to follow up for more information.”The goal is really helping people understand who is their profile really resonating with and what valuable skills they might have in their profile,” said Charu Jangid, a product manager. “We want to give them a sense of how frequently they’re appearing in queries and how they can strengthen their profile.” Click title to read more.


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