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Jobnesia– While at work, you learn something necessary to do your job either through training or job experience and then forget it.


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Job Interviews? That is so 2016.

According to a INC. Magazine article, “The Job Interview Will Soon Be Dead. Here’s What the Top Companies Are Replacing It With,” companies are ditching job interviews and going with job “auditions.” The reason for the change is because there is too much bias in the way of making good hires. By auditioning candidates, companies will be able to see how a candidate will work with the team in the actual environment. It spoke about one particular company that after this massive interview of 50 people, they pick some to work for 3 weeks before making a final decision. Novel. In my day, we used to call this contract to hire but, whatever.

Wonderlic + HiringThing = <3recruiting news update

There is a new partnership between HiringThing and probably the most painful per-employment test of all time, the Wonderlic. “HiringThing is committed to providing our customers with best-in-class solutions that will help them streamline processes and grow their business,” said Josh Siler, Founder & CTO of HiringThing. “Wonderlic is a logical addition to our platform, and will help our customers further achieve hiring happiness.” While I am sure this is a great partnership, I can’t help but wonder when people got so completely inept at hiring people. Amiright?

Joanna Riley President & Co-Founder, 1-Page

1-Page Drama. Shit is Getting Real.

Seriously, this is getting better than Love and Hip Hop. If you are not familiar with the story, let me catch you up. So, this company came out, everyone loved them. The CEO and founder, Joanna Riley was the darling of Silicon Valley and was able to get her company on the Australian Stock market in 2014 and had a market cap of over $100 million. Flash forward to this past week. So now Joanna Riley attempting to overthrow the board. I mean she literally filed a motion to dismiss the recently-appointed board member Andrew Chapman of Merchant Funds Management, executive chairman John Fennelly, Michael Shen, and Tod McGrouther. And while she was filing her motion, Mr. Chapman moved to remove Ms. Riley. Grab the popcorn, this is getting VERY interesting.

recruiting news update

The Thunder Down Under.

Speaking of Australia, Bullhorn, of Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) fame, has partnered with SEEK, Australia’s number one jobs site.The SEEK integration provides customers with the ability to publish their jobs to the SEEK job portal and receive candidate applications from SEEK into Bullhorn. The integration is particularly notable in that it is one of the first solutions to be built on SEEK’s latest APIs.

April Fools

In other news, April the Giraffe still has not had that baby. But, she got a new sponsor. Here are highlights from her week.

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