Enhancing your Employer Brand is always the goal (for many reasons). Today’s Employer Branding practitioner and devotee can take advantage of technology and some tools and platforms for building and enhancing a formidable and endearing Company Employer Brand.

Consider theses: why not use the current technology of your “ATS”/Applicant Tracking System to stoke and pump up your Employer Brand. The advantages of using an Applicant Tracking System are obvious so since you are already using it (selectively) to review resumes and communicate with prospective candidates as well as interview scheduling, offer letters and on-boarding—why not use it for communicating with the entire ATS database for publicizing (to the captive audience of both active and passive candidates) all sorts of information about your firm’s “EVP” and your Employer Brand Program. You can even add a field in the candidate input section that highlights “why the candidate is interested in your firm”, namely your firm’s Employer Brand.  Similarly, you can organize a Talent Community (a stepping stone to the “ATS”). This platform can be also used for stoking and priming your Employer Brand.

Also, consider designing, as I am doing on my current global overseas assignment, an “Electronic EVP” template which can be: displayed on flat screens throughout your organization; embedded in your “new employee” welcome email; and conversely, can be embedded in your exit interview survey forms as well as occasional “alumni” communications. In other words—get them off with a good start upon joining and reinforce it on their way out. A word about exit interview surveys: why not publish them– praises and warts, and all. On the negative comments, you could state what steps you are taking to address and correct these; needless to say, the “warts” will appear anyway of Glassdoor and elsewhere—so why not meet them head on.

Here are a few tools you can acquire and use to also aid your Employer Brand: Dynamic Signal, PathMotion and the Employer Brand Index. For example, Dynamic Signal can drive business growth by developing a workforce that is connected, engaged, and activated. PathMotion (is an artificially intelligent candidate experience platform) that enable your employees to share stories and engage directly with prospective candidates via online. And, on the measurement side, there is the Employer Brand Index which is a measurement tool which measures everything candidates, employees, and alumni are saying about your company online and analyzes everything to give you an objective understanding of your external reputation as an employer. Furthermore, assign an employee survey “opinion” project to the Learning & Development or Communications Department—allowing adequate time for all participants to respond and avoiding conducting the survey during peak business periods. Then match up and compare those results with your EVP/Employer Brand focus group results. There a tons of employee opinion surveys tools to purchase on the open market or just simply leave it to your inside professionals.

Finally, Job Boards can also provide a platform for Branding and “Employer Branding” your company. On Monster (the Company Profile Page) and Indeed (the Why Join Us Page), you can explicitly talk about and list your EVP and Employer Brand Program in the Company Profile Section; perhaps, develop and publish a Video explaining your Employer Brand and EVP. In fact, why not do the same thing on your Glassdoor Overview Page.

The Video should provide insights into the “glories” of working for you and provide authentic employee (on camera) testimonials and stories about“why they love working there’. Needless to say, also talk about your EVP and your Employer Brand Program on your external Career page and internal HR portal page, and in new hire orientation and induction sessions and events, as well; and embed it into your job descriptions and offer letters and in all employee communications such as benefit letters, etc.. Also, talk it up in the C-suite/Executive suite. Lastly, a good case can be made to also include an Employer Branding goal into your annual performance appraisals (for high performers).

These are just a few insights that I have picked up and employed in my 17 years of doing Global Employer Branding and Global Talent Acquisition.

Editor’s Note: Congratulations to Johnny on his nomination for the Employer Brand Leader of the Year (Global Leader Category) The winner will be announced at World Employer Branding Day 15-17 May 2019 | Lisbon www.worldemployerbrandingday.community

Johnny Torrance-Nesbitt

John “Johnny” Torrance-Nesbitt is an award-winning Global Employer Branding & Global Talent Acquisition executive with 15 plus years in building/leading global and regional talent acquisition and employer branding functions at several global Fortune 500 companies. He is global working in Global Employer Branding and was an Employer Branding Director at Randstad and has been Director of Employment Branding & University Relations at Monsanto in St. Louis for over five-plus years where he won four consecutive “Rapid Recognition Awards” for superior achievements. Prior to that, he was at Lockheed (corporate hdqts) in Maryland as head office Corporate Staffing Supervisor & Senior Recruiter, and he built the global recruiting forUnext.com, an innovative Chicago start-up. Johnny was also nominated in 2018 by his former organizational behavior professor, Dave Ulrich, for the prestigious “Employer Brand Leader of the Year 2018 (Global Leader Category.)” and by others in 2019. He is also a volunteer appointed a judge for Employer Brand Management Awards and the Web Marketing Association and a writer. Mr. Nesbitt holds a Bachelors in Anthropology from Amherst with Dean’s List honors. While he lived in England, he engaged with the US Embassy there and has a citation from the U.S. Embassy in London for his assistance on “equal access for Americans to UK opportunities.” He obtained his MBA in Finance in 1988 (and a Fellowship Winner) and then worked 3 years in Corporate Finance for First Chicago Capital Markets, Inc. You can follow him on Twitter @JohnnyTorrNesbi, or connect with him on LinkedIn.