talentful.ai review

Talentful.ai uses machine learning to bring unique insights to the recruiting process

Talentful.ai is a cool new tool that helps recruiters quickly find and analyze information about potential talent! It works both as a Chrome extension to find information from other sites and as its own site.

The extension allows you to quickly determine whether someone may or may not be of interest, and the full site provides more in-depth profiles and options. Talentful is also unique in its use of machine learning to provide new insights into candidates.

Once the extension is enabled, the logo will be present at the side of the screen when on LinkedIn. Upon clicking the logo, an overlay will appear that provides a variety of data on the candidate, including contact information, skills, experience, and school ranking.

  • The Contact info displayed includes any email addresses or social media links that are available.
  • The Skills section contains information such as software development, coding languages, management experience, and more.
  • The Experience section determines the total number of years in the industry and provides a break down of how long was spent in each type of role.
  • The School Ranking displays the school(s) the candidate attended and which percentage this school is in on the US and global scale.

You can also choose to view the full candidate profile on the Talentful.ai website. This will show you additional information, as well as provide you with options like exporting the profile as a pdf or viewing the candidate’s personality analysis

  • You can choose to export the candidate’s profile as a pdf for future easy access.
  • You have the option to view the candidate’s personality analysis, created by Talentful’s unique AI.

Additionally, the site itself is great for searching through its database of people gathered from LinkedIn and GitHub, among other sites. You can choose to search by skills, location, and more.

Talentful.ai is still a fairly new product and is already very useful. It definitely has a lot of potential for the future, and is a good tool to keep your eye on! ~ Noel Cocca

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