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Tokyo, Apr 03, 2012 (JCN Newswire via COMTEX) — Accounting Managers, bilingual Investment Bankers, Corporate Attorneys and Executive Secretaries are amongst a growing list of talent in demand in Japan, says recruiting experts Hays.

Yet according to the latest Hays Quarterly Report, released today, employers remain very selective when they recruit talent and will keep vacancies open until they identify a candidate who is a perfect fit.

As a result Christine Wright, Managing Director of Hays in Japan, advises jobseekers to do your research and use an interview as an opportunity to sell your unique selling points.

“Despite current global economic conditions, we have seen relatively steady recruitment activity across Japan,” she says.

“This is giving candidates the confidence to move but not all employers are rushing to fill their vacancies immediately with available candidates. They are instead becoming more industry and background selective.

“In Finance Technology for instance, the interview process is longer and employers look for candidates with a broader range of knowledge rather than expertise in one precise area.

“With higher expectations from employers, candidates will need to research an organisation thoroughly before attending an interview. You must understand your own unique selling points and experience and clearly demonstrate in an interview how these match the nature of the industry, the organisation and the position itself.

“It is important you promote your abilities and back up your experience with facts and evidence. For example, have you increased profitability for your current employer through increased sales or business development? If so, could you provide a sales report or a letter from your current employer that confirms your contribution to the business?”

The Hays Quarterly Report lists the skills in most demand in Japan for the April to June quarter:

– Hays Accountancy & Finance: Accountancy and finance candidates up to manager level are in strong demand from many employers. In particular, Accounting Managers, FP&A Managers and FP&A Specialists are sought. A number of these roles have been created to replace departing staff, but others are new roles created as organisations focus on the analysis of future planning requirements.

– Hays Banking: Good bilingual Investment Bankers are sought by both investment banking firms and foreign firms in Japan for cross-border M&A to take advantage of increased interest in overseas acquisitions by Japanese firms. In the back and middle office, team managers, project managers and change management specialists are in demand.

– Hays Finance Technology: The ongoing trend of offshoring is impacting the industry and as a result related vendor candidates are in high demand. We will also see various infrastructure and development roles this quarter, such as Network Engineers, Design Architects and Front Office Developers.

– Hays Human Resources: Many firms recognise that a solid talent pipeline is crucial to their business performance. Thus, recruiters at all levels continue to be in demand, especially those with direct sourcing experience and/or specialist industry knowledge. There is also demand for compensation & benefits, payroll & social insurance and labour management specialists.

– Hays Information Technology: The mobile development market remains active and candidates from all backgrounds are being considered for positions within large mobile development companies.

– Hays Insurance: Sales representatives in the bancassurance area are in increasing demand. The financial downturn has seen demand rise for bancassurance products, which provide less return but are viewed as safer than other financial products.

– Hays Legal: Corporate Attorneys, cross-border M&A, energy, litigation and disputes lawyers are all in high demand. Demand also exists for in-house qualified professionals in IT, retail and e-commerce. Pharmaceutical companies with an increased emphasis on compliance are undertaking new hiring and IP professionals are needed for market leaders with global technology solutions.

– Hays Office Professionals: Executive Secretaries are needed due to the movement of executive level staff. There is also an increase in demand for translators, both English to Japanese and Japanese to English.

– Hays Life Sciences: Demand for clinical candidates is high across pharmaceutical and device companies, as well as CROs, since a number of global firms are conducting more trials in Japan. On the medical device side, high demand also exists in the regulatory space, for junior candidates through to department heads.

– Hays Property: Facility management candidates remain in strong demand across Tokyo as large companies in all fields continue to look for better methods of handling their corporate real estate needs.

– Hays Sales & Marketing: In the IT sector demand exists for Alliance Managers, product marketing, marketing communication and public relations professionals. A steady number of early to mid-career sales positions exist in the industrial sector, with a continued requirement for salespeople with two to five years experience. Mid-career positions require candidates with experience selling into tier-one OEMs. In consumer, experienced digital marketing professionals who are capable of incorporating SNS, mobile applications and websites are sought.

– Hays Supply Chain: Consistent demand exists for candidates across automotive, medical device, pharma and IT hardware companies. In most demand are specialists and managers of demand/production planning with supply chain experience. Also sought are indirect/direct purchasing specialists and managers.

View the full Hays Quarterly Report at www.hays.co.jp/en/quarterly_report from Monday 4 April, 2012.

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