The new, the improved Swordfish, with more to come!


Swordfish is a fantastic tool we have discussed before, and it has been recently updated with some great new and improved features. It’s already the best pure contact information finding tool around, and it just keeps getting better and better. There are several other tools like it that are good, but Swordfish is hands down excellent. Use their web app, the Chrome extension, or both. It’s free to sign up, and you get 5 credits each month for two months just to give it a test drive. Trust me, you’ll want to keep using it.

Let’s take a look at features. File uploads! This is the neat stuff, you have a CSV with pertinent information that’s missing data. Drop it into the page and just let it go to town! You need phone numbers or email addresses, there’s an 80+ percent find rate on contact data. Really really good!

Next, are ad-hoc searches, find the rest of your contact detail info by inputting their social profile URL, or search by name, phone, email, or even their physical address.

What’s next for Swordfish? An update that’s on the way will be the ability to highlight a name or other contact detail and immediately do a Swordfish search via right-click. Real tools don’t stagnate, they are continuously adding and updating, and Swordfish is one of these. Another upcoming feature…facial recognition! You’ll be able to paste a photo URL and the tool will find the rest. Amazing!

~ Noel Cocca

Look inside with Dean Da Costa: