If you are a fan of the reality show “Survivor” you are more than aware of who Boston Rob is and what happened this week.  In short, the recent show “Survivor: Redemption Island” featured Rob Mariano, another veteran, and a cast of new players.  Rob is arguably the best to ever play the game but never win, and this week, in his fourth attempt, he finally did.  What does any of this have to do with recruiting?  Well, I took away one thing that Boston Rob as well as his alliance of teammates said at the end of the show as the reason that this worked so well for Rob.  When asked what it was that made Phillip, Natalie, and Ashley remain loyal, follow Rob’s every order to the end, and not turn on him they all agreed:  he stayed in constant communication with them asking every day, all day, what they were doing, thinking, and talking about, leaving little room for anything to go wrong.  It made each of them feel part of his team, safe and secure.  Rob Mariano won Survivor and admitted that by staying in near constant contact with each member of his alliance gave him control over the difficult situation.  He said it was hard work and exhausting at times, but worth it.  Rob won the prize of $1 million dollars as well as the fan favorite vote for another $100,000.  Pretty good for a month’s work!

I am sure you can see by now as a recruiter why this reminder rang out to me.  It is the consistent communication and contact with our candidates and clients that cements our relationships.  I know that I have had those quick placements in which I may have had about an hour of communication back and forth but that is not the norm.  All of my most successful work has been where I am talking to both sides and keeping everyone working together and on the same page.  When you are going to make a change in someone’s career, arguably the most vital part of their life, they are going to need to feel safe and secure.  Also an employer in their most fragile state is at the point of hire.  They have the power but need to take many steps to feel secure with the hire.  And it is our communication and information gathering that can often impact a final decision.

This may seem elementary to seasoned recruiters but I think worth repeating in a time where emails and texting take over for face to face and even phone to phone communication.  Our tools of the trade are a great source of power but it is and always will be the conversations we have that make the difference.  When working with a team of people it is the “knowing” information and “feeling” secure about a situation that will help keep everyone together the longest.  A good reminder as a manager which I will keep going forward with my team, as well as with my candidates and clients.

Boston Rob Mariano
Boston Rob Mariano

By Noel Cocca

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