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Chicago, IL (PRWEB) February 20, 2012 Students and recent college graduates are receiving a much needed helping hand in starting their careers. Spark Hire, committed to helping America’s future workforce, is providing an innovative solution to the difficult problems students and recent graduates nationwide experience in getting jobs and internships.

The economic recession has resulted in students and recent graduates competing against laid-off, experienced workers for positions normally reserved for them. They are faced with the disadvantage of being overlooked by employers when matched up against the resumes of these experienced job seekers. Spark Hire changes all that by introducing a new interview and application process that gives them a competitive advantage.

Spark Hire’s new interview and application process helps students and recent graduates by making them more than just a resume to employers. When job seekers apply for jobs on, employers do not just receive their resumes, they also receive Profile Videos. This a 60 second video recorded via webcam where students and recent graduates can display their creativity, enthusiasm, candor and communication skills. With Spark Hire’s video technology, they finally have the opportunity to tell employers why they should be hired.

Students and recent graduates that spark the interest of a company can be invited to connect with them online. On Spark Hire, they can have live face to face online interviews with employers from the convenience of their own computer. This new way of face to face interaction when applying and interviewing is sure to give students and recent college graduates the competitive advantage they desperately need to set themselves apart.

“It’s extremely difficult for these students and recent college graduates to compete with the large influx of laid-off workers. They are in desperate need of a way to stand out,” says Josh Tolan, CEO of Spark Hire. “Spark Hire was made to help these individuals get their foot in the door. Students and recent grads now have the valuable opportunity to get in front of employers and let them know why they should be hired.”

Spark Hire is dedicated to helping America’s future workforce succeed. Spark Hire is offering their services at no charge to all students and recent graduates. “If we’re going to get America back on track, we have to focus on its future workforce.” says Tolan. “We provide a platform which helps students and recent grads spark their careers.”

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