Still using spreadsheets and email systems to track candidates? Really?!?!  Allow me to introduce you to Qandidate.


Tool:                           Qandidate (Beta)Qandidate Webshop Features

Headquarters:        Westblaak 175 Rotterdam, Netherlands

What it does: is the new and free recruitment system for those companies looking to improve and maximize their recruitment efforts and activities. Designed for in-house recruiters, is a entry level ATS for those who are still using old school spreadsheets or email as a candidate repository.

The Sizzle:     offers an easy full-lifecycle recruiting process. All for free. Parent company VONQ allows for a “Webshop.” The Webshop engine searches the Internet for the best “bang for your buck” and claims to create a social media campaign that will give you the best prices for the most traffic. And again – It’s Free!!!


58011059The Drizzle:              Missing elements current recruiters have gotten used to for example:

  • No way to upload resumes
  • No Parsing Capabilities
  • No way to Export Data
  • No Workflow
  • Cultural / Language barriers US audience would have to get used to

Rating:                      (2/5)


I am quite skeptical about free recruiting platforms. But, when I saw on the website, it says, “Free Forever”, I had to check it out. Another reason I wanted to look at it was because one of the funding partners is a respected name in recruiting, Randstad. And the girly side of me liked the color of the website and the cute “mascot.”

Logo Randstad PHOTO KOEN SUYKLinda Galipeau, Executive Board member at Randstad, was quoted as saying, “With this investment we are able to anticipate on two emerging trends in the recruitment marketing space. On the one hand we see that large companies show a stronger demand for more sophisticated recruitment marketing campaigns and techniques to find and attract the best talent, while on the other hand we see the demand from SMEs for a free recruitment functionality with an intelligent in-system media webshop to create and activate their online recruitment campaigns.”

Here is my software review. reminds me of the fisrt generation of applicant tracking systems. “Back in the day,” if you were not able to fork over 10K for a recruiting system, there were no alternatives. I feel like is a good first start, but these days’ recruiters need so much more information and mobility. Taken directly from their website, “ is the free recruitment system created by recruiters for recruiters. Clear overviews, easy to use and without features you wouldn’t use anyway.”

This product will work for non-recruiters challenged with filling open positions. For senior recruiters you will find that they took out too many features. I don’t know what features they do not think I use, (see my article “The Applicant Tracking System Isn’t the Problem. Recruiters Are.) We do use those features! We do report on progress. We do need to track where a candidate is in the workflow process. can provide:

  • Current Open Positions List
  • Details Job Opening Information
  • Application Form

This product may work for a HR generalist who only has 5 openings per year or a company owner just looking for a fast and dirty way to post open positions. While t I can’t do is  recommend Qandidate for a full blown recruiting team.  There are just too many features missing that have become key to corporate recruiting.  But I don’t think they want to be the solution for a full-blown recruiting team.

The good news is that it is free and in beta. Developers are working quite hard in building out this product so this is not the final. Another cool thing is that they are getting insight from recruiters to see what changes they may need to add.  I will keep you updated as Qandidate has more releases!

I would love to tell you about the Webshop feature and campaigns it creates but I could never get it to work on Chrome.  I guess you get what you pay for. (sigh)

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By Jackye Clayton

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