So Recruiters- do you Skype?

A great question and one recently asked by one of our RD Network experts @CMcKenzie77. I not only use Skype on a regular basis in running my desk, but the question reminded me on why I wanted to post some of the reasons you should be using it as well.

Tools come and go in the recruiting industry as technology continues to evolve and advance. It was not that long ago when recruiters would spend countless minutes standing by the fax machine waiting for important documents. Today- there is little doubt that social media has made a profound impact on how recruiters go about making deals, but one constant that has remained is the telephone. In fact a case can be made that it still tops the list of ‘must have’ tools, but once again advances in technology have also begun to challenge that claim.

It should come as no surprise that the candidates that I have had the opportunity to meet with face to face, increased my odds significantly in being successful in assisting with their search. Where some job sectors require recruiters to meet candidates face to face, most interviews still take place over the telephone.

Although now there are a number of tools out there to help recruiting professionals put a name with a face. Video conferencing and interviewing are really starting to carve out an important niche in the staffing landscape. Last week there was an article in our Around the Industry section that discussed overwhelming growth of There are also other services like and , but I prefer using Skype on my desk. I began using it a year ago on the suggestion of one of my candidates and here are a just a few of the reasons it provides advantages over the telephone;

  • Relationship Building – Even on cam the time spent face to face with a candidate and/or client is invaluable
  • No Room for Imagination – Having a face with the voice gives you true perspective of who you are dealing with on the other end
  • Prep – A great way to learn mannerisms of how a candidate might act on a real interview with a client, and what you can do to see that they are prepared properly
  • Documentation – I always request permission to record initial interviews with candidates for my files and a great add-on to Skype called Pamela allows you to do this effortlessly

If there is any real drawback to using Skype, it is that occasionally I will suggest it to someone that has never used it before and that requires the time to provide a quick tutorial. Although that can even be quickly overcome by having a easy ‘how to’ guide already prepared and readily available. Here are few helpful resources in that area…..

How to Setup Skype

How to Skype

Skype – How to Use It

It might not completely surpass the telephone just yet, but Skype has really been a great addition to my desk. I am sure it can help you as well. Recruiters work tirelessly to establish relationships and get parties vested in one another and with a few clicks of a mouse that task got a tad easier.

So any other Recruiters out there utilizing Skype for meetings with their candidates? and/or Clients? Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences with our readers in our new and improved comment section.