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RA’ANANA, Israel, Feb. 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Innovated Talent Search ExactME!, is launching in Argentina with an ambitious objective. “We want to be the Google for human capital,” Serial Entrepreneur Arik Filstein said during a press conference. Filstein, the founder and CEO of ExactME!, plans to expand from Buenos Aires throughout Latin America, with their sights set on the enormous Brazilian market, which will be their next destination in the region. They have existing operations in the US and India.

ExactME! will work to be a leader in a competitive online recruitment market where long-standing websites such as Bumerang or Zona Jobs are prominent. With a sophisticated search engine, ExactME! promises to “refine” searches to maximize results. It will also feature a payment system that charges a minor fee for each person contacted by the recruiter, lowering costs to companies who perform an employee search.

“ExactME! offers a different experience for both talents and recruiters. Setting a profile has never been so easy and intuitive. We inspire talented people to nurture their profile page and simply ‘show off’ with what they know and have done on the professional domain – we’ll take care of the rest and make sure they show as attractive search results to relevant recruiters. This experience allows us to forge a new level of engagement between our EXACT talents and recruiters,” said Filstein.

“From now on, recruiters will be able to explore and contact ‘passive talents’ alongside those who seek actively. It makes perfect sense. If the perfect talent for the job is currently employed, recruiters will not be able to know of his/her existence. With ExactME! they can sift through matched talents who may be employed, but tomorrow may work for them,” adds Omri Lachman, who was the first to invest in the company and serves as a board director and strategic marketing consultant.

“We want to become the meeting point between job seekers and recruiters. Consultants are among our customers, since they can use ExactME! to expand their database,” Filstein said. He added that Facebook users will be able to convert their social profile to a professional profile by using an ExactME! application. ExactME! is also working on something similar for Twitter users. “We are developing a technology that allows you to convert Tweets into information of interest to companies seeking to fill a position,” Filstein concluded.

Jobookit Technologies is an Israeli company controlled by Arik Filstein. The company developed innovative technologies (including ExactME!) to optimize and simplify the online recruitment processes. The company’s investors include Shimon Zaks, former CEO of Microsoft Europe, Eli Levy, current CEO of HP Software, serial entrepreneur Omri Lachman and others. Jobookit plans to be listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange this year, and will have offices in Buenos Aires, where it expects to hire 20 employees.

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