Seekout’s latest update turns a decent free tool into a great one!



Today we are going to talk about an update to Seekout’s free Chrome extension, Seekout Sourcing Assistant. We love Seekout, and their Chrome extension was decent before, but not great. Well, now it’s great! 

Seekout Sourcing Assistant has a few different features that can help you save time while sourcing. Install it for free and you get access to 10 emails/social profiles per month. If you want more, they offer either credits or a monthly subscription.

So let’s get to it!

First, on a LinkedIn or GitHub page, it will pull all the data it can find off a potential candidate’s profile, including emails and phone numbers, profile links, education, everything you need. It’s all packaged up in a nice little layout that’s easy to read. Awesome! Seekout also plans to add data from Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms very soon as well.

Another great feature is how the tool works on an X-Ray search. Pop open Google (or whatever search engine floats your boat) and run a search. Seekout Sourcing Assistant will aggregate all relevant candidate information into a handy box within your search results, so you can decide whether or not they meet your criteria before going to their page.

All in all, this is a fantastic update. It will grab and organize all the data you need, ready to export. We love tools that help us save time, and this will definitely do that!

~ Noel Cocca

Look inside with Dean Da Costa: