“a no-brainer for any recruiter” ~ Noel Cocca

Early next week, the SeekOut Chrome Extension will be releasing a major update that increases its utility and makes it a must-have for any workflow.

Previously, the SeekOut extension was one of the best tools pulling people into a system and finding contact information. Now, this extension is becoming ever more versatile by adding features to Google searches.

When x-raying LinkedIn through Google, the SeekOut extension will now pull relevant information into an easy-to-read box.

  • SeekOut formats searches so that names, positions, and companies are listed first.
  • Next, SeekOut identifies a person’s location and education.
  • Following this is a short excerpt from the person’s LinkedIn bio.
  • Lastly, SeekOut pulls out the person’s skills. These are listed as individual, clickable items, allowing you to read a brief description of any terms you may not know.

When each skill is clicked upon, SeekOut displays the Wikipedia article in a small window on top of the page. For recruiters that may not know everything about everything that they are searching for in a candidate, this can save valuable time and help focus your search.

With this update early next week, the new functionality will only work with LinkedIn. However, many more sites are coming through more updates over the next two months.

SeekOut is free to download and gives you plenty of free credits for search and email addresses. It’s already a no-brainer for any recruiter, but will only be getting better over the coming months. ~ Noel Cocca


Look inside video with Dean Da Costa: