Quick, simple searches saves time.


SearchAll is a new tool offered as a Chrome Extension that integrates into the right-click function of your browser. Highlight your text and search from right where you’re at!

There are a few different ways to use this tool. You can enable settings to utilize a search bar at the top of your browser, create a pop-up when text is selected, or enable activation when you right-click and choose the menu “Search All.” We’re using the right-click method for our examples, as that worked the best for our workflows, but it’s nice to have other choices.

All you have to do is highlight your text. For my example, we’re using a contact name here, but you can search for whatever you’re looking for. Right-click and you can see the list of available databases. What is nice is that these are also customizable by going into your options. You can choose from a pretty extensive list, or you can add your own if the database you want isn’t listed. The standard choices include Amazon, Bing, wikipedia, Yahoo, eBay, Twitter, Quora, etc. To add your own, you can do so by adding your custom URL.

Search all will also show results from your saved history and bookmarks, which will show on the same search results page with related links. It is a quick, simple, and easy tool, and as a result, something I really like! Quick, simple searches saves time. And as you know, a few seconds per search can add up to minutes or hours in a day if you’re doing a lot of searches!


Look inside with Dean Da Costa: