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Naples, FL (PRWEB) November 16, 2011 According to Trevor Howenstine, Lead SAP search consultant, the number of positions being advertised by major corporations for SAP talent in 2011 has been astounding. The same ads for the same positions run continually. Why aren’t the positions getting filled? Do these companies have an unending budget to spend on advertising that is obviously not producing results? These trends are recognized in most major U.S. metropolitan areas.

Trevor Howenstine answered several questions to give some insight to this issue. Trevor is the founder of Knack & Tumbler Search LLC, a firm specialized in filling direct hire SAP positions. He is also the author of the book “Getting the Interview”.

1) Why are there so many positions that seem to be open for months in the SAP IT marketplace?
“There are several reasons for this, but the primary reason is the concept of Strong side vs Weak side. The strong side has the advantage and therefore expects that the weak side will do the selling. Let’s relate it to supply vs demand in relationship to candidates and hiring managers. There are a ton of positions and opportunity and few qualified candidates. Who is the strong side? The candidate. They have more options. Many hiring managers feel and act as if they are the strong side causing them to lose top talent to their competitors.”

2) Aren’t the managers the strong side if they determine who gets hired for the position?
“No. The mentality ‘we are a great company, they should want to work here more than anywhere else’ is the top reason companies move slow and lose talent. If the person takes another job first, or turns the offer down, then the company didn’t or wouldn’t sell the opportunity and then move with urgency.”

3) What are the top 3 things companies could do differently to attract SAP IT talent and fill their positions?
A. “They should work closely with a search firm, not employment agencies that tend to advertise and shuffle paper. Then listen to the firm, let them guide the process. An agency will deliver the “active” candidate pool. The pool that reads ads. Unemployed. Unhappy. Unqualified. A search firm will attract the passive candidate that would move for a career growth opportunity.”
B. “Identify areas of strength and weakness in the candidate’s skills. Sell why you need those strengths on your team and how the position will help them develop and improve their weakness.”
C. “Incorporate a hiring process that takes no longer than 1 week. From candidate introduction to offer. Top talent is often secured within two weeks of their decision to make a move.”

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