I recently came across a post by Lars Behrendt on LinkedIn that sparked a lively debate. It got me thinking: What if a CEO applied for a position at their own company? It sounds unusual, but for those of us in talent acquisition, it could offer a unique chance to really see how our hiring process works—and where it could be better.

Bringing Company Values Front and Center

Every time we hire, we’re showing off what our company stands for. But as companies grow, it’s easy to lose sight of these values. Let’s say your company prides itself on being efficient. But if the CEO faces a long, confusing application process, clearly something’s off. This firsthand experience can help make sure our hiring stays true to what our company’s all about.

Boosting Our Brand

Our reputation isn’t just about what we sell. It’s about how we hire. One bad review can hurt, especially today when everyone’s online. Take a tech company that’s all about innovation. If they’re stuck in old ways of hiring, like skipping video interviews, that’s a problem. Plus, remember that every applicant might be a current or future customer. Their hiring experience can change how they see us, so it’s crucial we get it right.

Making Sure We’re Attractive to Top Talent

The best companies get the best people. And to get them, we need to offer a top-notch candidate experience. Think about it: if the CEO or other another company leader applies and isn’t impressed by the hiring process, will other top candidates be? If the process is clear, transparent,  respectful and challenging in the right ways, we’re more likely to grab and keep the best talent out there.

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Championing Change from the Top

In Talent Acquisition, we’re always hunting for better ways to do things. Some might say getting the CEO or any other company leader involved is a step too far. But if they’re checking in on finance or marketing, why not hiring? It’s just as important. It’s not about them taking over. It’s about them setting the bar high, pushing for constant growth, and making sure we’re on the right track.

In Closing

Our field is an ever-evolving landscape, demanding leaders to remain at the forefront of change. As leaders, we need to stay ahead. Getting CEOs in on the hiring action isn’t just for show. It’s a strategic move that can make us better, ensuring our methods match the fundamental aspirations and principles of our company.

Shiran Danoch

Shiran is an IO psychologist with an expertise in employee selection and a PhD in people analytics. Informed Decisions is her 2nd HR-Tech startup focused on tracking and disrupting bias for better, more equitable, hiring decisions. She is highly passionate about creating work environments where people decisions are made based on data. In addition to being an entrepreneur, Shiran is devoting her career to building teams, products, and supporting companies to make data-driven talent decisions. She also serves as an advisor for other HR-Tech startups.