Recruiting Daily Logo | RecruitingDaily.comNEW HAVEN, CT — September 30, 2016 — RecruitingDaily, the world’s top destination for content and conversation dedicated to recruiting, sourcing and hiring best practices, today officially announced the addition of William Tincup as President.

In this role, Tincup will have responsibility for all the company’s initiatives worldwide, helping direct the partnerships, strategy and evolution for

Tincup brings almost two decades of experience in advising and growing HR Technology companies, with his first foray into the industry, the award winning Starr Tincup emerging as one of the first – and most popular – consultancies supporting online recruiting and talent technology. He also sits on the Board of Advisors for 16 HR technology companies.

“Within the Human Resources Technology industry, I can think of no one with the same scope of experience as William Tincup,” said Noel Cocca, Chief Executive Officer of “His strategic expertise and knowledge of this landscape will bring a new dimension to our team and further augment the growth of our company. I couldn’t be more excited to welcome him to RecruitingDaily.”

As President, Tincup will build partnerships with new companies, products and solutions within the HR technology space and develop new initiatives to grow the scope and service offerings of RecruitingDaily.

“We’re thrilled to have William Tincup on the team,” said Matt Charney, Executive Editor of RecruitingDaily. “His perspective on the tech landscape and the role services play to support tech companies is really rare. We’re very excited to bring Tincup’s unique perspective, historical knowledge, and insider status within the HR Technology industry to our team.”

In addition to his role in the operations and strategy for RecruitingDaily, Tincup will serve as a featured expert in the company’s inaugural series of #HRTX events, presenting at industry events such as trade shows and user conferences, and serving as a key contributor for the company’s existing lines of business, such as advisory and marketing services.

“I was really attracted to the company’s vision,” said Tincup. “RecruitingDaily has always had a pivotal role in the industry – one known for pushing both buttons and limits. I’m excited to be leading such a talented group of people and  I’m thrilled to be part of the growth of this business.”

Tincup noted that the organization continues to add more and more personalities to its lineup of editors and writers, and looked forward at the chance to elevate the recruiting conversation.

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