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ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A study released today by Randstad Technologies shows that IT employee job attachment is declining, with both retention and engagement levels falling from last quarter (eight and six points respectively). The new findings show IT workers have mixed emotions about 2012 with half expecting their companies will cut benefits in the New Year and a surprising 48 percent believing their companies will expand their workforce. Fifty-four percent also believe that they will receive a raise next year.

Randstad’s Employee Attachment Index quarterly measures employee engagement and retention of US workers across various industries offering insights into the workforce to help companies better understand employees’ priorities and concerns as they plan staffing for the coming year. The findings this quarter show IT employees are more likely than employees surveyed overall to say their organization has a great future (81 percent) and their company is making the right investments for the future (67 percent).

While only 25 percent are worried about losing their jobs, workers in IT are more likely than employees in other industries to take precautionary measures to prepare for a potential job loss. IT employees are more likely to put more money towards savings (37 percent), check job boards (31 percent), and network via online sites such as Facebook & LinkedIn (28 percent).

More Attachment Index Findings

IT Employee Predictions for 2012:

54 percent believe the job market will pick up in 2012 (8 percent higher than employees overall)
Almost a quarter (22 percent) say it is likely they will get a pay cut
50 percent of IT workers agree it is likely that their company will cut back on benefits
78 believe it is unlikely they will receive a promotion

IT Career Attitudes:

74 percent of IT employees feel inspired each day to do their best in their jobs
33 percent of IT workers disagree their company shares their values
A majority of IT employees (63 percent) enjoy going to work every day
66 percent believe their efforts at work are recognized and valued

IT Job Attachment:

Retention and engagement levels for employees in the third quarter have dropped (engagement by 6 points and retention by 8 points)
43 percent of IT employees are likely to seek a new job in the next 6 months
75 percent of IT employees feel secure in their employment
49 percent of IT employees are likely to accept an enticing job offer – among the highest percentage of all sectors surveyed

For more information on The Randstad Employee Attachment Index and to access an executive summary of findings visit: www.randstad.com

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