Prophet II adds search interface


By now you should all know we love Prophet here at RecruitingDaily as we have been talking about them since 2014.  While the original Prophet was a Chrome Extension that found links and contact info from a variety of sites, Prophet II (currently in beta) builds on this by adding an excellent search interface.

Prophet II’s new functionality consists of an incredible search engine that can be used in conjunction with the original Prophet tool.

  • The search interface allows you to search by title, location, skills, exclusions, and more.
  • Searches are completed incredibly fast, saving you from wasted time.
  • You can quickly create and add to lists, making your workflow more organized than ever.
  • You are given plenty of free credits that can be used to access contact information and links to profiles on other sites.
  • Lists are easily downloadable, allowing you to bring the information you gain in Prophet II into other tools with ease.

Prophet II finds the email address for a great deal of the people it sources. However, even when it does not, you can easily click through to a person’s other social profiles and use the original Prophet to find more information.

Prophet II’s speed and the number of free credits set it apart from other resources. Whether or not you utilized the original Prophet, you need to check this one out. ~ Noel Cocca


Look inside with Dean Da Costa: