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PRLog (Press Release) – Feb 05, 2012 – LARKSPUR, Calif. — Pacific Crest Group (PCG,, the Bay Area accounting and human resources service firm, has launched a new corporate placement service structured for Bay Area businesses. The new recruiting service offers end-to-end staff management support, helping businesses assess their personnel needs, identify traits that suit the company culture, develop accurate job descriptions and competitive compensation packages, and find the right employees.

The new recruiting offering is part of PCG’s outsourced services, designed to help clients focus on their core operations rather than back office distractions. To free business owners from having to deal with expensive staffing problems, Pacific Crest Group offers workforce planning help, organizational structure evaluation, job description development, and compensation analysis as part of its recruiting process. It also includes a cultural evaluation strategy that identifies the personality traits needed to succeed at the company, and what values and traits are required to be a top performer. And, of course, PCG will conduct methodical candidate searches and evaluations. The hourly billing structure makes PCG’s recruiting services ideal for smaller businesses, since the work can be scaled to clients’ specific needs for a fraction of what it would cost to retain a corporate recruiter.

“Our HR and accounting services put us in the unique position to get to intimately know our clients and their cultures, which makes our recruiting services better focused as well as more cost-effective,” said Gail Merz, Director of Business Consulting for Pacific Crest Group. “Staffing has to be considered in light of larger business objectives, and our recruiting service is designed to function as an extension of our client’s strategy. We can assist with staff pre-planning, assessing cultural fit, developing the right job description, and taking charge of as much or as little of the recruiting process as the client requires. We save companies a lot of money and free senior managers’ time for more important tasks.”

As part of its service, PCG employs the most advanced recruiting and evaluation techniques. PCG works with Accolo, a state-of-the-market, cloud-based recruiting and candidate management platform. PCG also uses tools such as DISC® personality assessments to assess an individual’s communication style, motivators and cultural fit.

“Accolo has built a highly predictive recruiting process that uses collective intelligence to assure successful hires, and we use crowd sourcing techniques to expand our market reach to attract more qualified job seekers. And our prescreening and scoring tools help narrow the field for a more perfect match,” said John Younger, CEO of Accolo. “As a result, we can support companies like Pacific Crest Group so they can deliver the most qualified candidates to their clients.”

“We consider PCG a key part in helping us build our staff,” said John Campbell, M.D., CEO of MarinEyes, a medical practice with offices in San Rafael and Novato, California. “Four of our key employees were hired with PCG’s assistance. Not only was PCG instrumental in finding the right candidates, but they helped us improve job delineation and create a culture of accountability. Every new hire adds to the quality of our staff, and we now have higher productivity and better employee retention than ever before.”

Companies can contact Pacific Crest Group for a free recruiting consultation. For more information, contact Pacific Crest Group or visit

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