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NEW YORK, NY, Apr 02, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — OneWire(R), delivering better talent faster, announced today findings from its recent client advisory board. Through this program, OneWire has been able to gain insight into how its clients juggle multiple systems to acquire talent and the challenges they face during the hiring process.

OneWire gathered key clients for a roundtable discussion on the strengths and shortcomings of the range of recruiting technologies used by their organizations. As prominent financial services firms ranging from medium-sized boutique firms to global investment banks, each organization needs to hire and retain top talent in a competitive industry. During the meeting, participants shared their thoughts on the sourcing tools, candidate relationship management (CRM), and applicant tracking systems (ATS) utilized by their firms, discussing what works well for them and what areas have room for improvement.

The advisory board meeting provided OneWire with key insight into what its clients are looking for in recruiting solutions and the particular challenges of integrating multiple platforms, such as their sourcing tools, CRM, and existing ATS systems. The company learned that although clients recognize the inefficiency of using multiple systems to execute their recruiting process, there remain challenges to eliminating redundant systems and reliance on proprietary databases — challenges OneWire is striving to overcome.

“Our clients are leaders in the financial services industry, vying for specialized, high-performance talent,” said Brin McCagg, co-founder, president, and COO of OneWire. “Although some of them rely on OneWire as their sole recruiting solution, others are balancing an array of systems. These firms seek innovative and integrated recruiting platforms, and delivering on these requirements remains a priority in our development.” McCagg continued, “These advisory board discussions are instrumental in helping us to develop industry-leading solutions that better connect recruiters to top candidates and ensure that organizations can easily attract, select and retain the talent they need to grow their businesses.”

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