Modern Hire added new features to its Automated Interview Scoring, the company’s on-demand tool that uses advanced AI models to evaluate candidate responses and provide recommended scores to hiring teams.

With the latest release of AIS, clients receive Modern Hire’s proprietary Question Sets, verified across industries and jobs, plus ranked candidate recommendations. These features are specifically designed to mitigate bias, speed time to hire and drive best-fit hiring outcomes, Modern Hire said.

The new features allow Modern Hire users to take advantage of verified question sets that were developed for several families of jobs, including banking and financial services, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, retail, call center, professional and sales. The question sets cover entry level, experienced and management roles.

The system scores candidate responses to individual questions, then automatically combines them into a single candidate score. AIS outputs ranked recommendations to lighten the burden on hiring teams and promote consistency on the criteria by which candidates are measured.

Aimed at Helping Interviewers

AIS is an on-demand video interview feature that uses AI to evaluate candidate responses, providing recruiters and hiring managers with recommended scores during the review process to ensure a more fair, unbiased and complete hiring experience.

When it was launched in June 2021, AIS was positioned as a tool that would help interviewers avoid unconscious bias by providing a standardized, consistent and objective selection methodology, which would focus only on job-relevant aspects of a candidate’s responses. Its selection methodology is based on human ratings of candidate responses against job-relevant competencies known to predict success.

Natural language processing and deep learning models are trained on the evaluations of answers to ensure that AIS rates and ranks candidates in an interpretable, valid and fair way. Modern Hire claims the tool is over three times less biased than human interview scorers.

By Mark Feffer

Mark Feffer is executive editor of RecruitingDaily and the HCM Technology Report. He’s written for TechTarget, HR Magazine, SHRM, Dice Insights, and TalentCulture, as well as Dow Jones, Bloomberg and Staffing Industry Analysts. He likes schnauzers, sailing and Kentucky-distilled beverages.


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