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Chattanooga, TN (PRWEB) February 29, 2012 Application Bling is a small, custom-printed, high quality vinyl “cling”, or re-positionable sticker, that a job seeker applies to their job application to help it get noticed in piles of others that tend to all look the same. Much like a cover letter enhances a resume, this colorful cling features a bulleted list of the job seeker’s goal plus best qualities and achievements and compliments the application.

The person behind Application Bling is Angie Burton and her idea was born out of necessity. “It was very important to my husband and me that our 16-year old daughter, Haley, get a job and learn the value of a dollar. Plus if Haley wanted a car, she had to buy it herself,” said Burton who wondered how to make Haley’s application get noticed in a competitive job market when she had no previous work experience. After researching qualities employers look for in teen applicants, the idea came to Burton – “How about applying a sticker, sort of like a post-it note, to the application that communicates Haley’s goal along with other things about her personality?”

To test her idea, Burton arranged to have some custom clings printed and Haley applied them to her first two applications. It proved a success with both companies contacting her for an interview. Lauren Swafford, a cashier at Ace Hardware, commented, “the pink sticker was so cute, I handed it straight to the manager.” The store manager thought it showed initiative and he hired Haley on the spot. Six of Haley’s friends had similar success when Burton created clings for them.

Burton then turned her idea into a product that is sold online at Job seekers of any age can customize clings with their choice of color and background, and create their own bulleted list of goal, best qualities and achievements. The clings are affordable, under $10 for a set of 12 well designed, professional clings. “Parents are used to dolling out cash to their teenagers,” said Darla Potter, whose 18-year old daughter landed a job using the clings. “If it helps them get a job and earn their own money, it’s a great investment.”

Burton says she hopes Application Bling takes off because she has a passion about the importance of teens working. “When young people establish a strong work ethic, it will not only positively affect their futures, but also the future of our nation,” said Burton who worries Generations Y and Z face big economic challenges. “I hope teens and young adults embrace an attitude of ownership and responsibility. Hopefully Application Bling enables them to communicate to employers that they want to work and they put forth the extra effort to get a job.” is an e-commerce website created by Angie Burton, a working mom of two teens. Stumbling across the idea when helping her own daughter get a job in the fall of 2011, Burton is a mom on a mission, passionate about the value of teens and young adults establishing a strong work ethic.

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