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No time to let up now recruiters.

We hope you all enjoyed your weekend and are ready for this short work week. Recruiting Daily has a few updates planned before the holiday break for you all to enjoy. Including a a product review you will not want to miss.

So it it slowing down for you yet? It is almost that time of year. That part of the year where some begin to check out- clients, candidates, and even recruiters. There are holidays, family trips, and endless social obligations that begin to call for your time. It might be common for things to slow down a bit as we get closer to the end of the year, but a number of my recruiting colleagues are experiencing just the opposite. Clients with hiring needs are looking to get an early jump on available talent, and in all sectors appear to be getting plans in place to open the new year with hiring a priority. Good news.

In fact this post title is a quote from a client that is looking to interview candidates over the holiday period – “time for turkey later”. That is the spirit I like Mr. Client. Now let’s fill these positions. Oh the joy of this season. So keep at it recruiters and leave your mark on this year- and place your desk in position to open ’11 very strong!

So to start your Monday morning right, we  a little Cult for you to enjoy. So get fired up and close some deals.

Plenty of time for turkey later…….