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Short Month Alert – A new week is here recruiters and time to make February count as we prime ourselves for the long month of March.

This past weekend the NBA was on display with it’s All Star festivities. For the first time in several years I watched the slam dunk contest and found it surprisingly entertaining. After so many years it is only natural to begin questioning just how original one can be in dunking a basketball. Yet as the video above illustrates you can still be quite original in doing something that others have done before.

The same can be said about recruiting. Sure there are new search methodologies and tools, but in the end the overall process basically remains the same. There might not be a whole lot of room for reinvention, but  there is still room to be original. By that I feel it comes down to the individual recruiter and how genuine they are in building their working relationships, remaining comfortable in their own skin in trying new things, and being careful to not simply go through the motions.

Insist upon yourself. Be original.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Look at what the top billers are doing. Listen to what the experts are saying. But never lose sight of yourself and who you are. it is after all your biggest asset in building a successful desk.

Make it a great week recruiters- and of course use your time wisely.

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