It is common the day after the big game to assume the role of Monday morning quarterback.  To look back and scrutinize all the little plays and mistakes to identify where an opportunity was won or lost.  I am sure all of Steeler nation is asking the ‘what if’s’ today, but as recruiters we need to be careful to not bring this practice to our desks

My first recruiting manager was constantly reminding us to ask one question at our desks. Is what you are doing making you money? A simple question to ask to maintain focus and not lose sight of the steps needed to achieve your goal(s). The act of second guessing would certainly come back as a resounding no to that question. Of course all recruiters want to avoid making repeated mistakes, but time is too precious at your desk to lose on activities that will bring no productivity.

When I first stepped into a managerial role, I had a few recruiters that would lose a whole day (if not more) of production if a deal went south. It is unfortunately a reality at the desk, and one you have to have tough skin to shrug off, but need to shrug off nonetheless. That was a message I would remind them as I always preached volume to make those lost deals not sting as much.

So the big game is over and new week is here. It is time to roll up the sleeves and make things happen. Make the best of it recruiters and stay an expert by getting your daily fix right here at Recruiting Daily.

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