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Let’s be honest- there are some Mondays where you are just not feeling it. The Boomtown Rats (No that is not Jerry Seinfeld) in the clip above summed that feeling up perfectly in their classic song, but let’s try something new this week recruiters…

The Challenge: Today instead of stepping into your normal routine take charge and jump-start the work week. By that I mean sit down and bang out a quick ten calls. Not random dials, but hitting on new points of contact. You might be pleasantly surprised by the results, and further it will set the tone for a productive day. You can always get your coffee and catch up with your colleague’s weekends later in the afternoon.

Go ahead and give it a shot and I promise it will be painless and over before you realize.

This week Recruiting Daily returns with a new installment of our popular bi-monthly feature ‘Tips From A Biller‘. You can look for it this Wednesday, as well as other great articles to keep you motivated and your desk productive. In the meantime be sure to visit our Around the Industry section for all the latest happenings in the staffing industry, and of course the RD Network for great advice from recruiting leaders.

Make it a great week everyone……..