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Loxo ups their game with a sourcing integration!


New and improved in the game of thrones…I mean tools. Loxo is already one of the best ATS/CRMS in the business, and now you can use it for sourcing as well! You’ll have access to their database which contains over 510 million candidates.


How so, you ask?

Open the application, and perform your searches by location, zip, title, and then filter further by keyword. Then you can grab their emails, phone numbers, and other contact information.

This is pretty darn good. This is one of the few ATS/CRMs with a sourcing capability!


Apart from the standalone application, there’s a Chrome Extension. You’ll have to log in to LinkedIn to use it. Pop Luxo open and then visit a LinkedIn user page. Luxo will display whatever contact information is available for you to add to your list. Plus, you can email/sms right from the extension.


In the video below, Dean takes us through a walkthrough. Definitely take a look at what it can do!


~ Noel Cocca


Look inside with Dean Da Costa: