How to leverage Twitter for Sourcing? TweetBeaver can help!


Are you making effective use of Twitter for sourcing? Maybe you’re tired of having to manually scroll through account follow lists. Well, we have a tool that can help! TweetBeaver is a data tool that will let you download the follower or following list on any public Twitter account, with a limit of 10,000 lines per request.

To use the tool, all you have to do is sign in through your Twitter account and then enter a Twitter handle in their search bar. Look for industry-based accounts (like @JavaScriptDaily) for accounts that will be most relevant to your search.

TweetBeaver will pull all the information into a nice little spreadsheet for you. You will see that the downloaded list is not limited to just a bunch of Twitter handles, but also includes:

  • Full name
  • Location
  • Full Twitter bio
  • Listed URLs

Pretty cool! That’s a great place to start! Next, you can filter out for specific locations, or search your list for relevant keywords. The listed URLs may even be direct links to a LinkedIn account, or especially for our Java example, we found many users with links to their GitHub profile.

Additionally, TweetBeaver offers some other features. Some of these include conversions, check if accounts follow each other, download lists of favorites or timelines, check common followers and friends, and more. You get access to a ton of information that’s ready to be used, especially when you look at it with a little creative strategy!

Basically, this one’s a win/win! Use it for free with your own Twitter account.

~ Noel Cocca

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