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AUSTIN, Texas & LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Lumesse, a global leader in integrated talent management solutions, today announced that it has made the latest version of its enterprise talent acquisition (e-recruitment) solution, Lumesse TalentLink, available to its rapidly growing software as a service (SaaS) customer base through its worldwide data centers.

Version 11.2 of Lumesse TalentLink delivers an enhanced API (TalentHub) that allows customers and partners even greater flexibility when integrating and extending Lumesse TalentLink to build career websites, interact with search technology and connect via social media. Based on customer demand, the business intelligence (BI) apps originally released in Version 11.1 have been extended to deliver even more real-time insight to users. Other new capabilities include support for the new EU Temporary and Agency Workers Directive, compatibility with OpenOffice documents; time-saving workflow enhancements such as a job advert wizard; and additional capabilities to deliver a faster, more tailored candidate experience.

Lumesse CEO Matthew Parker said, “With Lumesse TalentLink v11.2 we continue to bring innovations to our SaaS talent management product that give our global customers more information, more choice and more flexibility, as well as helping them meet critical local legislative requirements such as candidate data retention rules and the EU Agency Workers Directive.”

Lumesse TalentLink v11.2 includes numerous enhancements in the area of web services. Many companies want to build extensive recruiting functionality into their corporate websites, to use Internet search technology and particularly social media to find and attract talented candidates, and to deliver a fast, interactive candidate experience. The ability of Lumesse TalentLink to make available its power through web services APIs gives career site developers huge flexibility in building unique, creative career websites.

Actionable information on recruiting campaigns and recruitment metrics continues to be a growing requirement for many companies. The enhanced BI apps capability in Lumesse TalentLink v11.2 brings flexible, user-defined, multi-dimensional drill-down reporting on key talent acquisition metrics to the workspaces of users and managers. Reportable metrics include job listings, requisition status, candidate applications, hires and time-to-fill. The configurability of the BI apps means that individuals can create actionable intelligence that works for them, enhancing efficiency and creating greater insight into hiring decisions and progress.

The new capabilities provided in Lumesse TalentLink v11.2 supporting the EU Temporary and Agency Workers Directive add to the unique capability Lumesse TalentLink already offers in its Contingent Workforce support. Both fully employed and contingent (contract) workers can be managed with Lumesse TalentLink on a fully equal basis, a key benefit for the growing number of employers and managed service providers that employ both kinds of staff.

Among many other new features, Lumesse TalentLink v11.2 also introduces support for the file formats used by OpenOffice, including documents, spreadsheets and presentations, improving efficiency and compatibility for users of this popular open source application suite.

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