hiretual update

The recent Hiretual update delivers new and improved features

The most recent update of Hiretual keeps all the things that made it great before, but brings to the table a greatly improved user interface, a better pipelining tool, and more!

The Hiretual app combines AI sourcing, project organization, and engagement tools into one, easy to use place. Upon opening the app, you can connect it to your Gmail or Outlook account, in order to make engaging leads that much easier. You can also view all recent activity from the dashboard. From there, you can select a variety of different actions.

  • From the “Projects” panel, you can create projects for each of your search needs. You can add team members to the projects, and even create project templates for easy set-up. For each project, you can easily source candidates using AI, or import candidates separately. This AI sourcing tool allows you to put in a variety of terms—such as job titles, skills, and locations—and it will search through various sources. The Projects panel also lists all the potential candidates and their information.
  • The “Engage” panel is where you are able to nurture candidates. You can create different tracks, sort candidates into talent groups, and use and create email templates.
  • The “Reports” tab displays a variety of information, such as how you generally find your leads, how many leads you have, and other relevant metrics.
  • Your “Toolbox” is where you will find all of your sourcing tools. Hiretual uses AI Sourcing, a Boolean Builder, Cross-Referencing, and a Github Search.

Overall, Hiretual is greatly improved from the previous version. The user interface is much nicer, and it has added more project-based capabilities. You are able to easily move people from one project and process to the next, which makes it a great pipelining tool. However, it keeps all of the qualities and capabilities that made it great before.

If you didn’t use Hiretual before, you should now. ~Noel Cocca

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